The International Institute of Gestalt Analysis and Supervision implements additional professional education programs for adults: general education programs in psychology and gestalt therapy, professional retraining programs based on existing higher education and advanced training programs.


Documents issued after the end of the programs


  • General education programs: certificate
  • Professional Retraining Programs: Professional Retraining Diploma
  • Continuing education programs: continuing education certificate


Forms of study


  • full-time
  • extramural
  • online


Implemented educational programs


The attached documents on educational programs contain information on ongoing educational programs, descriptions of educational programs, information on curricula, annotations to the work programs of disciplines, on the calendar curriculum, on methodological and other documents developed to ensure the educational process, including those implemented adapted educational programs, indicating the curriculum, courses, disciplines (modules), practices stipulated by the relevant educational program, as well as the use of e-learning and distance learning technologies in the implementation of these educational programs, the number of students enrolled in educational programs at the expense of budget allocations the federal budget, budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local budgets and under education agreements at the expense of individuals and (or) legal entities, about the languages ​​in which education is carried out (training), normal training periods.

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