The structure and governing bodies of the educational organization

The general management of MIGAS is carried out by the rector Dykhne E.A.


The rector issues orders on the appointment of employees of the educational unit, their resignation and dismissal, carries out general management of the organization of the educational process, approves internal regulations and other local acts, educational programs, curricula, work programs for training courses and disciplines.


The operational management of educational and administrative processes is carried out by the executive director Multilina  L.N.


The Executive Director develops local acts of the educational unit,  prepare budget, curriculum implementation plans,  curricula,  monitors the educational process,  organizes and implements curricula,    enrolls students in curricula,  issues documents on the establishment of an established standard,  and monitors the financial and economic activities of the unit.


The educational-methodical department develops educational programs in conjunction with the scientific and pedagogical staff. In addition, the educational-methodical department organizes practice on the basis of the Gestalt-Podhod Practical Psychology  Centre,  accompanying,  supervising and managing the educational process.

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