GESTAL-ANALYSIS AND SUPERVISION INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE was established on the basis of the GESTAL-ANALYSIS Consulting and Training Center Limited Liability Company, is an educational unit of the Company and is developing under the trademark MIGAS (International Institute of Gestalt Analysis and Supervision).

The Institute collaborates with the largest universities of the country in the direction of additional professional education and advanced training of psychologists, educators, social workers and specialists in helping professions.

The founder and head of KTTs GESTALT-ANALYSIS LLC is Elena Dykhne - psychologist, gestalt analyst, leading trainer and supervisor of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program, accredited gestalt therapist EAGT, full member and head of the gestalt therapy section of the Moscow Psychiatric Unit of the Russian Psychotherapy  Association.


The history of MIGAS begins in 2003, when for the first time in Koktebel the gestalt-therapeutic Intensive was organized - «The Gestalt Odyssey in Koktebel». The intensive took place in the framework of the training cycle of the program of the Moscow Gestalt Institute and the organizational team of the intensive program consisted of experienced and respected practitioners, supervisors and trainers of gestalt programs - Daniil Khlomov, Alexander Mokhovikov, Elena Kaliteevskaya, Alla Poverennova. As a member of the organizing committee, Elena Dykhne, along with experienced trainers, took part in one of the first large-scale professional events for psychologists and gestalt therapists with more than 200 participants.

And since 2003, Elena Dykhne began teaching Gestalt therapy, working under the program of the Moscow Gestalt Institute, studying supervision in the framework of the Gestalt approach. Eight gestalt therapy programs were carried out jointly with Daniil Khlomov (President of the Society of Practicing Psychologists “Gestalt Approach”), a methodological base was developed for further professional education of gestalt therapists - specialization in group gestalt therapy and the clinical approach in gestalt therapy.

Undoubtedly, teachers and students, colleagues, friends and relatives had a huge influence on the development of the concept of gestalt analysis and the creation of an educational institution of such a format as the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GESTALT ANALYSIS AND SUPERVISION. Special appreciation belong to a close friend and colleague - Alexander Mokhovikov

Alexander Mokhovikov was a candidate of medical sciences, a psychiatrist, associate professor of the Department of Clinical Psychology of Odessa National University, a member of the Council of the Institute of Existential Psychology and Life-Creating, a national representative of Ukraine at the International Association for the Prevention of Suicide, a gestalt therapist and supervisor, director of the Odessa branch of the Moscow Gestalt Institute, leading trainer of the Moscow Gestalt Institute. Together with Alexander, in 2005, the specialization program “Border gestalt therapy” was developed, which now exists as an improved form of continuing education program «Gestalt approach in clinical practice». Unfortunately, Alexander Mokhovikov died prematurely, leaving behind a lot of monographs, books, textbooks, articles, love and eternal memory in our hearts.


Daniil Khlomov also had a significant influence on the formation of MIGAS, supporting and placing special emphasis in the development of modern gestalt therapy. Among the teachers and subsequently colleagues is Elena Kaliteevskaya, whose contribution to the understanding of gestalt therapy and the formation of the position of teacher and supervisor Elena Dykhne is no less significant. Nina Golosova, together with whom the specialization “Group psychotherapy” and guidelines for group therapy were developed.

The accumulated experience has led to the thought that the curriculum of the «Moscow Gestalt Institute» program is available for improvement taking into account modern educational requirements, the standards of the European Gestalt Therapy Association, as well as their own views on the organization and content of training programs.

In 2010, with the aim of improving educational and administrative processes, organizing a professional collegial base for teachers, supervisors and gestalt therapists, developing consulting and training services, it was decided to open an organization - LLC GESTALT-ANALYSIS Consultation and Training Center.

«KTC GESTALT-ANALYSIS» LLC, represented by its founder and CEO Elena Dykhne, continued cooperation with the Moscow Gestalt Institute and the training of gestalt therapy continued within the framework of the existing organization. In organizing the training of gestalt therapy, «KTC GESTALT-ANALYSIS» relied on the standards of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program, adding reasonable meaning to it and improving individual thematic blocks and modules. Graduates of the programs demonstrated a high level of knowledge, skills and abilities to work in line with gestalt therapy and develop their own private practice.


By 2013, the total number of students at the institute exceeded over 50 people. The method of organization and the theoretical and methodological approach implemented in the organization could not fail to attract the attention of colleagues. And, by assessing the possibilities and prospects, Elena Dykhne began preparing documents for obtaining a license for additional professional education. This made it possible, after completion of training, to issue students of programs, in addition to the certificate of the Society of Practicing Psychologists “Gestalt Approach”, under the program «Moscow Gestalt Institute», also diplomas of professional retraining and certificates of advanced training. In 2013, an additional legal entity was opened by ANO DPO «Gestalt-approach», and a license for additional professional education was obtained.

For the first time in the framework of gestalt education, an organization appeared that prepared and finalized documents and training programs so that their level corresponded to the requirements of government bodies and the requirements of international professional communities.

Every year since 2013, after completing training program, graduates have the opportunity to receive two documents on education - a certificate of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program and a diploma of professional retraining Psychological Consulting in the Gestalt Approach. In addition, on the basis of existing specializations within the framework of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program for group and clinical gestalt therapy, full-fledged advanced training programs for gestalt therapists were developed - “Management of groups in the Gestalt approach” and “Gestalt approach in clinical practice”, in accordance with training standards for gestalt therapy and the requirements of the Department of Education of the Russian Federation, and after successful completion of which a certificate of advanced training is issued.

A key feature of the curricula being implemented is that they comply with the EAGT standards, the standards of the Moscow Gestalt Institute program and at the same time meet the requirements of the state in which the educational activity is conducted. Graduates of the program successfully pass accreditation in professional communities - the Gestalt Approach Society of Practicing Psychologists, the Russian Psychotherapeutic Association, the European Gestalt Therapy Association and develop their own private practice.

The best graduates remain to work with us.

The growth in the number of students, programs and active development led to the fact that in 2016 a decision was made to change the place of provision of educational services and the license for additional professional education was reissued in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Education of the Russian Federation.

There was a need to develop a program of “Psychological counseling”, the purpose of which is to provide an opportunity to receive an education in the field of psychology - professional retraining based on existing higher education. This was relevant for those program participants who were interested in gestalt therapy and a change of profession, but did not have an appropriate basic psychological education.

The first professional retraining program “Psychological Counseling” for people with non-specialized higher education began in February 2017. It trained mainly doctors - general practitioners and psychiatrists. In December 2017, the program was improved and the second stream consisted of trainees of non-medical professions.


By 2018, the organization provided an opportunity to receive education in the programs of additional professional education:

- The program of professional retraining “Psychological counseling” - obtaining specialized education for persons aimed at changing professional activities and acquiring the necessary knowledge to work as a counseling psychologist. The main condition for entering the program is the availability of basic higher education (in any specialty).

- Professional retraining program “Psychological counseling in the gestalt approach” (“The theory and practice of gestalt therapy”) - a program for psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, as well as for those who are interested in gestalt therapy as a method of improving the quality of one’s own life. For the final exam and certification, students with a specialized (psychological / psychotherapeutic) education are allowed. Program participants who during their studies did not acquire an education in the field of psychology (higher education or professional retraining) receive a certificate of a student of the program indicating the hours and topics passed, and they can pass the final exam and certification after receiving a psychological education.

- Continuing education (specialization) programs: “Leading groups in the gestalt approach” and “Gestalt approach in clinical practice”

About 90 students studied at the same time in the curriculum. We were actively engaged in the development of gestalt therapy, and the structure of the organization finally took shape in the following main types of activity - educational, consulting and publishing.

  • Educational department: in 2019, the trademark «International Gestalt Institute of Gestalt Analysis and Supervision» was registered, the general director of the institute is the rector, Dykhne Elena Aleksandrovna.
  • Consulting and training unit: in 2019, the trademark Practical Psychology Centre «Gestalt-Podhod» was registered. Gestalt therapists of the center are recommended therapists for students of study programs. The general management of the Center of Practical Psychology "Gestalt-Podhod" is carried out by the executive director - Lyubov Nikolayevna Mutilina.
  • Publisher: by 2018, more than 15 works by modern Gestalt therapists and psychologists from Russia and Ukraine have been published. As well as translated and published works of European authors - Peter Philippson, Eleanor Greenberg, Daniel Stern. Methodological recommendations for students of gestalt therapy programs are being developed and published; the publishing house of the annual professional magazine for gestalt therapists is planned. The full list of publications can be seen here.


In 2019, the main staff of the institute successfully joined the European Association of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). And due to the increase in the number of students and programs, the teaching staff is expanding, the Institute has moved to a new office with an area of ​​272 sq.m., special training programs for gestalt therapists have been developed, the publication of additional teaching materials is planned.

Our students and the students of collaborative universities go through practical training on the basis of the «Gestalt-Podhod» Center of Practical Psychology, gaining unique experience in mastering the profession and improving professional skills.

Today, the International Institute of Gestalt Analysis and Supervision, in addition to educational activities, is engaged in research and scientific work, the development of gestalt therapy and gestalt analysis, career guidance, and the organization of scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

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